Dr. Toshio Tanimoto
President, Shonan-AML, Inc., Japan

Former President & Emeritus Professor, Shonan Institute of Technology (SIT), Japan
Visiting Professor (AMME), The University of Sydney, Australia(2007-2016)

Dr.Toshio Tanimoto
Dr.Toshio Tanimoto


Shonan-AML, Inc. founded in 2014, has since its inception endeavored to make meaningful contributions to composites science and technology. We have been driven by the belief that a correct and safe use of composites must be based on a thorough understanding of basic scientific principles, and that the basic research must be driven by needs of the industry. Solid, active partnerships with other industry have helped us stay close to this mark.


Prof. Dr. Toshio Tanimoto, Founder and President of Shonan-AML Inc., has a long and distinguished career in the composite materials field. He has been a Professor of the Shonan Institute of Technology (SIT), Japan during 1989-2014. He has served as the President of Shonan Institute of Technology from 2008 to 2013.

He has supervised numerous graduate students and young scientists, and served on the committees of several scientific societies and government agencies, international meetings, and editorial boards of international scientific journals.He is presently President of Shonan-AML, Inc. as well as an Emeritus Professor of SIT and a Ex-Visiting Professor (AMME) of The University of Sydney, Australia. He has been Chairman of SAMPE Japan Chapter as well as Vice-President-Pacific Rim, SAMPE International for four years from 2003 to 2006 and served as a SAMPE Global Board of Directors Member (two terms starting from 2015).

He developed several new multi-functional CFRPs and owns ten patents in regard to polymer/ceramic based composite materials.

Numerous awards have been bestowed on him such as SAMPE Fellow in 2008, JSCM Fellow in 2008 and other honorary memberships of scientific societies as well as many excellent scientific paper awards.